ILM GST301 Motorcycle Gloves $35.99


Full Protection – Hard knuckle carbon fiber shell. Anti-collision protectors have been added to the knuckles, the base of the palm, fingers, and the thumb. Protects your hands from impact, abrasion, and injuries.

Antiskid and Abrasion Resistant – The fabric of the motorcycle gloves between the thumb and index finger has been strengthened, an additional tab is worn at the wrist, and silicone anti-skid pads are used in the palm to improve anti-skid safety.

Comfortable & Breathable – The structure of the motorcycle gloves is a double-layer design with built-in foam and neoprene cloth in order to increase flexibility and comfortability of joint movement. The fingers and knuckles of the motocross gloves are made of superior breathable material to enjoy the coolness and comfort that the wind brings while riding.

Touchscreen – The fabric on the fingertips of the thumb and index finger is touchscreen so that touch screen devices can be operated without removing the motocross gloves.

Multi-Functional Use – The adjustable Velcro wrist strap is designed for a better fit of the gloves and makes it easier to take the gloves on and off. These full-finger touchscreen gloves are suitable for motorcycle, cycling, ATV riding, climbing, training, daily work, general outdoor sports, and more.

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