X-PRO Templar X 250cc 6 Speed Dirt Bike with Zongshen Engine


Advantages of 6-Speed Counter Balanced Engine

A massive increase in acceleration, more power when you need it regardless of road speed

Quieter and more relaxed highway cruising

Reduced engine wear and vastly improved fuel economy

Functioning of Counter Balancers

When the piston is at the top dead center, the counter balancer is at the bottom to counter the forces from the piston of up to 50% as the rest is covered by the flywheel. When the piston is at the bottom, the counter balancer reaches the top resulting in the nullifying the vibrations.

Upgraded 249.9cc Zongshen PR250 6-Speed Counter Balanced Engine:

Comes with 249.9cc Zongshen engine, which is expensive, reliable, powerful and long life span, with balance shaft, reduce vibration by cancelling out unbalanced dynamic forces, improve the smoothness of engine running and make the driving more comfortable.

Upgraded Inverted Adjustable Forks: Which can be adjusted to SOFT or HARD,which provides you greater stability at high speeds.

Upgraded Digital Speedmeter, LED Headlight, LED Tail Light, and LED Turn Signal Indicator.

Upgraded big 21″/18″ alloy wheels. Get ready for great traction on a variety of tracks and terrain.

Upgraded full lights(headlight, LED turning signal,taillight) and digital dashboard.

Upgraded 9L large fuel tank, more endurance.

Upgraded rear rack.

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